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Light Light Black Purge Sheet (PDF)

light light black purge sheet dedicated previewThis light light black purge sheet is a part of our downloadable printer purge sheets collection. Focusing on light light black you can perform more thorough, purge-based cleaning and more likely unclogging of this particular part of your printing system.

The procedure is very straight forward, all you need to do is to download the purge sheet file (It is free here on our site) and print it as many times as you need and whenever you need to ensure your printer’s high quality performance.

Keep in mind, that ink purging will result in higher than usual ink consumption. Especially because this test mostly relies on highest ink flow rate possible. With this in mind, you should make sure that all “Eco-printing” or ink saving options are disabled prior to printing either of these purge sheets. Since these saving measures usually utilize some sort of restraint on ink flow and will likely reduce the chance of successful purging.

Printable PDF page preview:

light light black purge sheet preview

Black Purge Sheet will help you to exercise purge procedure for this particular ink cartridge

Click download button below to get the PDF file required for this test.

Warning: Do not print the preview JPG image itself, as it is highly compressed and it will not meet the required performance criteria for a proper color test page. The tools and guides we offer on this website are entirely free of charge, so please use the appropriate download button to get the necessary testing media for conducting the test.

How to use this test

Download. Print to fill your paper with as much solid color from the PDF file as possible. This will serve as “purge” procedure for your printer focusing on this specific color.

“Let printer manage colors” is an option in color management settings that allows the printer to control the color output of the print job. This means that the printer driver will apply its own color conversion based on the printer’s color profile to the input data and send it to the printer as a raster image.

Printing multiple solid color purge sheets

You might be needing to print multiple pages in order to see any quality improvement over these cycles. Begin by printing a few purge pages (usually 1-5) and check for any improvement in print quality. If the issue persists, you may need to print more.

How to evaluate this test

There are a few signs that can indicate if this procedure is failing:

This purge sheet should produce even, solid color overlay when running a print test. Anything other than that, might be considered abnormal. In most of cases, there will be deviations in these particular areas of interest:

Color: If the color is not being printed at all.

Contrast: If there are significant variations in contrast and fluctuations in printed area which was supposed to be solid.

Banding: If you see visible lines or bands in the solid color image, it indicates that the printer is not printing smoothly and evenly.

Noise: If the solid area of your printed image appears noisy or grainy, it may indicate that the printer is incapable of producing solid color.

Simply speaking, If the printed page is solid and looks similar to it’s primary PDF file. No streaks, no vertical, no horizontal lines, no color displacement or glitches are visible on the printed sheet, then you may consider this test (or rather troubleshooting procedure) to be successful. Otherwise, you may need to adjust printer settings or seek technical support.

What’s next?

Once you’re happy with your solid color image, you can proceed to the next test (there is a link below). Or pick another color test page from our printing test collections. On this website we offer a variety of color test pages that you can download and use for your ink printer or laser printer quality assurance tests.

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