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Scanner calibration might be necessary if you’re experiencing unexpected results when using your scanner device. Faulty calibration can often lead to inaccurate scans, which essentially means, that your scanner is failing to produce accurate copies of whatever there is that you’re attempting to scan. You might look for such giveaway signs like lines not being fine, or colors being “off” to some point. This might be very frustrating even for those who consider themselves tech-savy.

Before attempting your calibration procedure you should understand, that previously stored calibration values will be erased. It is necessary for scanner to free up the memory for storing your new calibration data which is fine. But you should keep in mind, that your unreliable scanning results might get even worse if you jump to this step without properly investingating and following normal troubleshooting procedures.

It is worth noting, that scanner that has worked properly all up to this day is really unlikely to become misaligned all of the sudden. But if you’re pretty confident about your suspections, now is a good time to retrieve your scanner’s manual along with the goodies that your brand manufactures have packed. Hopefully, you will find your calibration sheet that comes with the scanner itself. That should save you some hassle and also be more reliable when performing this delicate task.

Scanner Calibration Sheet (PDF)

Scanner sheet calibrationDon’t worry if you can’t find your calibration sheet. We have this downloadable PDF template that will serve perfectly fine if you print and use it as as described below.

Using this downloaded paper sheet might help you resolve such problems like vertical lines on scanned documents or unmatching colors.

Please make sure to use the highest quality paper to print this sheet. Also, make sure to disable any ink saving or image optimization preferences that could negatively affect the outcome result. There is no room for compromise here as we’re attempting to create the best possible result while printing this calibration sheet.

Printable PDF page preview:

print color test page (grayscale 1) preview

Scanner calibration sheet will allow you to run the scanner’s preprogrammed troubleshooting routine

Click download button below to get the PDF file required for this calibration procedure.

Here’s what you need to do

Once you have your calibration sheet ready, you need to open your scanning software on your computer and look for some options or preferences menu. This software might be a part of your scanner or printer driver application kit. Once again, I cannot guide you step by step here as it might be different between different manufacturers and brands.

Different scanning applications might have these options in different locations. I usually use Windows Fax and Scan to open “New Scan” dialog then look for Change.. -> Properties -> Advanced tab to find “Calibrate” button.

This should be sufficient to perform your scanner’s calibration.

Make sure not to intervene before the scanner confirms the end of calibration procedure. Moving, touching or button pressing might affect the result in a negative way.

 • Don’t fold the sheet.
• Mind the markings and put it facing the right direction (it should be marked).
• The timing of calibration might be different based on your device model. Normally it should take up to a minute or two.