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Downloads (PDF)

These PDF-based downloads are highly versatile and applicable in various situations for your daily printing tasks. Feel free to download and save them or print directly from your browser!

Printer color test pages download all

Color Test Pages

Printable color test pages for your printing device.

RGB print color test page pdf

RGB Color Test (download)

An RGB test page evaluates a printer’s RGB color process through a series of color blocks, gradients, and patterns. It checks the accuracy, balance, density, and registration of colors to identify any output issues. This helps users make necessary adjustments for high-quality, accurate color prints. Overall, an RGB test page is an effective tool to evaluate a printer’s color output by focusing on the RGB color process. (read more)

Rainbow printer test page pdf featured

Rainbow Printer Test (PDF)

Printing rainbow bars is one of the most useful exercises when it comes to printer quality assessment. Rainbow bars typically requires the printer to use various mixtures of primary colors, by printing these bars you can easily evaluate several aspects of printer performance like color accuracy, banding, printer alignment, ink distribution, and overall print quality. (read more)

featured 1 quadrant graph paper pdf download

Graph Paper With X and Y Axis

Printable graph paper PDF with X and Y axis that you can download and print out for your projects. This pdf template has 1 quadrant coordinate plane.

iso 12233 chart pdf download

ISO 12233 Test (download)

If you are interested in evaluating the output quality of your printer, you may want to use dedicated printer test images or charts designed for that purpose. These typically assess factors such as color reproduction, sharpness, and tonal gradation, which are more relevant to printing than the characteristics evaluated by the ISO 12233 chart intended for digital cameras. (read more)

Printable graph paper grid pdf format to download

Graph Paper

Printable graph paper PDF that you can download and print out for your projects.

4 quadrant graph paper with x and y axis pdf download

4 Quadrant Graph Paper

Printable 4 quadrant graph paper PDF with X and Y axis that you can download and print out for your projects. This pdf template has 4 quadrant coordinate plane.

color test printer maintenance

Printable Downloads

These printable downloads will help you to perform various tasks from testing your printer’s capabilities to printing out various helpful templates for your daily needs.
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